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Call for papers

The conference organisers solicit papers within, but not restricted to, areas indicated by the topics mentioned above. Papers must be in English. Papers must be original contributions that have not been published previously, nor already submitted to other conferences in parallel with this conference. The length of the paper cannot exceed 16 pages. Papers should be formatted in LNCS format (see the submission section for details). The title page must contain a short abstract and a classification of the topics covered. The paper must clearly state the problem being addressed, the goal of the work, the results achieved, and the relation to other work. Submissions received too late and submissions sent by fax will be immediately rejected. The same will happen with papers which are not in English or exceed the page limit.

Call for paper BPM 2005 (in pdf, size 200 KB)
Call for paper BPM 2005 (in text, size 4 KB)

Publication of Papers

Proceedings of BPM'05 will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Authors of selected paper will be invited to submit a paper for a special issue of Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE, an Elsevier Science journal).

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Last modified: May 17th, 2005